Spy On Human

Spy On Human is a 3D-side-scroller adventure game which is designed for the PC and optimized for an Xbox Controller. The Camera is placed in a very flat angle which enables a third person like perspective.

The project was developed within the time span from October 2017 to February 2018 in a group of four students. Each student had a separate field of contribution.


In this game the player takes the role of a spy in an LGBT-intolerant nation who has to pull his duty which includes to uncover a traitor. During the game’s course the player will see both sides of the coin and has to decide what is right or wrong.

Nonetheless, the player has to submit a report at the end of each day and has to collect a certain amount of evidence expected to be send weekly, which can be seen as milestones. When sending too little information the game is over. Sending too much information about one person results in their imprisonment. The up-to-date developed version of the game reflects a vertical slice of the entire game scope and concept. Nevertheless, one of the game’s major aspects is implemented: The selection system. This enables the player to select parts of a sentence and to save it in the notebook.


Alicia Balsmeyer
2D Art, Story, Animation
Marian Brinkmann
Simon Meckel
3D Art, Story, Game Design
Nicholas Nickel
3D Art