The Tower

The Tower is a 2D-side-scroller and metroidvanian game which is designed for the WiiU as a local two player co-op experience. It makes use of the WiiU-Gamepad as a second screen for the second character which is Lou the ​ light entity who can fly around. In order to bind her to Riley ​she cannot fly away in an unlimited amount of distance.

The project was developed within the time span from October 2016 to February 2017 in a group of four students. Each student had a separate field of contribution.


For the topic of the third semester „Games for Kids“ we first planned to do a point-and-click adventure but used our concept phase to come up with another idea. In The Tower the main goal for us was to make the players to cooperate. Riley (red character) plans to visit her friend Lou (yellow character) in hospital. Even though Riley thinks she is about to rescue Lou, the adventure is about the feelings she suppressed when Lou got ill. During the complications in the tower she has to confront these feelings metaphorically as monsters.

In order to make the players to cooperate the enemies where designed to be a threat to both characters. The “Hopfer​” is a small enemy and cannot be hit by Lou ​without any afford. The “Zapp​” however can fly in the air and therefore presents a much harder threat for Riley who mostly stays on the ground.

In the end of the first area the players encounter the “Flowerbird​” – an enemy which dashes forward when it makes visual contact with a player. This enemy is supposed to be distracted by one player and attacked the other.


Marian Brinkmann
Programming, Game Design
Laura Kaltenmaier
Creature Art, Level Design
Ramona Meier
Character Art, Rigging
Chase Scheffel
Environment Art, Rigging