Dialogue System

The Spy On Human Dialog System was developed for the semester project Spy On Human and was my first attempt in developing node-based editors. It is heavily optimized for the Spy On Human gameplay and workflow.

The SOH DialogueSystem is no longer in development but can be downloaded or viewed in the repository.

It was my first attempt in developing a node-based editor! It has a character editor, a dialogue editor, a node creation wizard and a character editor. The decision nodes in this dialogue system are created for Spy On Human with its friendly, strategic and agressive decissions.

Lessons Learned
During the development of the dialogue system I was able to see the problems with node based editors in Unity and how to implement them properly. Furthermore, it was one of my first bigger tools which helped me to see common difficulties for the UX in tool development.


Marian Brinkmann
Programming, Design

Simon Meckel